We offer a wide selection of concierge services that can be tailored to your needs

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It is cumbersome to administer lifestyle management services on your own; nearly impossible with a busy schedule.

At Haute Home Concierge, we are committed to providing lifestyle management services that cut across general concierge and student concierge services. We cater to those with demanding professional, social and academic schedules that are in need of highly personalized services.


For students within the U.S. we are your mother away from home. For international students, we are more than a guardian.

Haute Home Concierge offers a vast selection of special lifestyle options. Our services are purposely designed to help cater for anything that you do not have the idea, inclination or time to handle on your own.


We have an experienced team with an extensive network of service personnel that will assist with the most time consuming and stressful tasks.

We offer a wide selection of student services that can be tailored to your needs