General Concierge

General Concierge


Making last minute hotel reservations or running last minute errands can be distressing however with our experience in providing unequalled concierge services to our demanding clientele; Haute Home Concierge provides the means and space to savor the luxuries life has to offer. If you want unprecedented services, then we are the team you are looking for. We pride ourselves in a plethora of indigenous insider knowledge and a vast network of contacts that affords you-our valued clientele an unparalleled level of personalized fineness. Allow us to relieve you of the hectic and crazy routines and give you the time and convenience to do only the things you enjoy.

Our team of concierge is on hand ready to fulfill your request:

  • Hotel Reservations
  • Airport Transportation
  • Pet Care Services
  • Emergency Request

  • Dinner Reservations
  • Laundry Pick-Up
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Last Minute Request