Student Concierge

Student Concierge


Do you love a piece of mind?

Do you get bothered by thoughts of your child’s welfare when they are miles away on study?

We know how bothersome the thoughts about a child’s well-being can be when they are studying, away from home. You often feel helpless because you can’t be beside them to comfort them and make sure everything is alright. Put everything in the hands of a a loyal concierge, to ensure your child has everything needed to make study a comfortable experience.

We provide a full range of bespoke concierge services that cut across the following categories.

Dormitory Room Set-Up

We provide regular housekeeping so rooms remain tidy at all times. But first, we ensure everything is in place as we settle your child in safely and comfortably.

Our personalized room set-ups are tailored to make every student truly attended to.

Airport Transportation

Your child just landed in town. They don’t know where to go or who to call, Haute Home At Your Request! Our bespoke travel itineraries will provide transportation from and to the airport.

Campus Neighbourhood Tours

We provide students with campus tours across various neighbourhoods. Getting students familiarized with surrounding areas for shopping and entertainment is essential to the assimilation process.

Guidance Through The Assimilation Process

Whether your child is twelve or twenty they need to be shown the way through life and most importantly how to get accumulated with new experiences. Through our dedicated attention and care we make integration seamless and stress free for both child and parents.

International Student Cell Phone Set -Ups

We not only find, furnish, titivate and fully stock living space with everything but, we ensure cell phone set-up allowing your child to stay in touch with the rest of the world. At Haute Home Concierge, Student concierge service is our passion. Service to your child is personal.

24 Hour Student Concierge Local Emergency Contact

Our selected hosts are thoroughly screened to provide our students support in response to any emergency crisis, doctor appointments, or immediate updates of student status to parents.